• Hotels Travel

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    After a successful land in Athens international airport, Thessaloniki was a -three hours’ flight- away, that is after my 4 hours’ layover in Athens. Hopelessly waiting for time to pass with no successful plans…

  • Hosts Travel

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    “Amsterdam.. Ohhh Amsterdam!” Is what I start with when talking to others about my time spent in Amsterdam!   Definitely something out of this world and out of my comfort zone for sure! With…

  • Cruise Travel

    Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

    An uber ride from my Miami hotel on a Sunday morning to Miami’s carnival sea port, for an epic journey to the Dominican Republic on my first ever cruise ship ride! On board Fathom’s…

  • Hosts Travel

    Boston, Massachusetts

    As a Harvard Business School- HBX newest student, I had to visit my campus; even as an online student. It was 4am and I was completing my online assignment before it was due when…

  • Hotels Travel

    Miami, Florida

    JFK to Miami International Airport, escaping the rain and sweater weather to sun blazing Miami south beach! “Welcome to Miami!” said in a seductive melodic female voice, was exactly how I was greeted by…

  • Hosts Travel

    Los Angeles, California

    This trip was just another crazy last minute decision of mine, very similar to my Boston trip! BlogHer16 was 2 days away before I booked my flight ticket to Los Angeles (along with my…

  • Study Abroad Travel

    Oaxaca, Mexico

    The first morning in Oaxaca, a taxi drive from the bus terminal to Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, where we took a month long of Spanish classes as the main purpose of our trip to Mexico.…

  • Travel

    Cordoba-Veracruz, Mexico

    A very long bus ride from Mexico city to Veracruz, probably 6 or 7 hours! We drove through hills and what we thought was a morning mist was in fact smoke, not from a…

  • Hotels Travel

    Mexico City, Mexico

    After Moscow, I wanted to get back home to New York City to celebrate my 21st birthday with my family before I take my next flight to Mexico. I was able to stay, but…

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