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  • Hotels Travel

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    After a successful land in Athens international airport, Thessaloniki was a -three hours’ flight- away, that is after my 4 hours’ layover in Athens. Hopelessly waiting for time to pass with no successful plans…

  • Hosts Travel

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    “Amsterdam.. Ohhh Amsterdam!” Is what I start with when talking to others about my time spent in Amsterdam!   Definitely something out of this world and out of my comfort zone for sure! With…

  • Cruise Travel

    Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

    An uber ride from my Miami hotel on a Sunday morning to Miami’s carnival sea port, for an epic journey to the Dominican Republic on my first ever cruise ship ride! On board Fathom’s…

  • Hosts Travel

    Boston, Massachusetts

    As a Harvard Business School- HBX newest student, I had to visit my campus; even as an online student. It was 4am and I was completing my online assignment before it was due when…

  • Hotels Travel

    Miami, Florida

    JFK to Miami International Airport, escaping the rain and sweater weather to sun blazing Miami south beach! “Welcome to Miami!” said in a seductive melodic female voice, was exactly how I was greeted by…

  • Hosts Travel

    Los Angeles, California

    This trip was just another crazy last minute decision of mine, very similar to my Boston trip! BlogHer16 was 2 days away before I booked my flight ticket to Los Angeles (along with my…

  • Study Abroad Travel

    Oaxaca, Mexico

    The first morning in Oaxaca, a taxi drive from the bus terminal to Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, where we took a month long of Spanish classes as the main purpose of our trip to Mexico.…

  • Travel

    Cordoba-Veracruz, Mexico

    A very long bus ride from Mexico city to Veracruz, probably 6 or 7 hours! We drove through hills and what we thought was a morning mist was in fact smoke, not from a…

  • Hotels Travel

    Mexico City, Mexico

    After Moscow, I wanted to get back home to New York City to celebrate my 21st birthday with my family before I take my next flight to Mexico. I was able to stay, but…

  • Travel

    Pamukkale, Turkey

    A morning bus ride from Ankara to one of the most visited historic areas in Turkey. Pamukkale, translated into “Cotton Castel” carries significant historic stories with its breathtaking views, unusual white rocks and the…

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