Coming from the Los Angeles, California post?

Let’s continue with the BlogHer16 Conference here (Yeah it’s the one that Kim K was at and the whole world freaked over it!!)

East coast or West coast.. It's just never enough coffee! #blogher16

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When someone decided to draw on my coffee cup!! (Sup.!)



los_angeles_la_california_salwa_kisswani_travel_blogger_img_2653 los_angeles_la_california_salwa_kisswani_travel_blogger_img_2650

I got a chance to connect with so many brands and influencers (networking is KEY!!)

And of course.. had the best time ever (with all the free and cool stuff I got/did!)


Got a preview look on TNT’s newest show Good Bad Behavior!

Words can simply explain how much I learned and enjoyed all the talks and lessons ๐Ÿ˜€

Of course, there were some struggles.. like taking my unassigned assigned seat!!

or when you have to rush for that deliciousย food before it’s gone!

But at least I was featured on the BlogHer social media board ๐Ÿ˜€ lol


But eventully all events come to end, after all the networking, knowledge,ย and fun.. #Blogher16 came to end..

Wanna reference back to the Los Angeles,ย California post?

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