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    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    My trip to Sao Paulo was a different kind of travel, the type that I tried for the first time… Delivering goods! As if all the stars fell down leaving the skies empty✨🌌 .…

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    Thessaloniki, Greece

    After a successful land in Athens international airport, Thessaloniki was a -three hours’ flight- away, that is after my 4 hours’ layover in Athens. Hopelessly waiting for time to pass with no successful plans…

  • Hotels Travel

    Miami, Florida

    JFK to Miami International Airport, escaping the rain and sweater weather to sun blazing Miami south beach! “Welcome to Miami!” said in a seductive melodic female voice, was exactly how I was greeted by…

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    Mexico City, Mexico

    After Moscow, I wanted to get back home to New York City to celebrate my 21st birthday with my family before I take my next flight to Mexico. I was able to stay, but…

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    Kyoto, Japan

    From Mount Koya, we made our way down to Kyoto. Kyoto is sort of the cultural center of Japan, brimming with Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, and World Heritage sites. In Kyoto we stayed in…