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    Hopkins, Belize

    From San Pedro White Sands to Hopkins, the next best thing to Cancun, Mexico! Warning: This post includes tons of relaxation, exotic drinks and getting spoiled by the beach. While getting off the boat…

  • Resorts Travel

    San Pedro, Belize

    Island hopping via a water taxi! 🌊 πŸš• Next stop: San Pedro A post shared by Salwa Kisswani (@salwakisswani) on Mar 2, 2017 at 9:49am PST From Belize City to our next Island; Where…

  • Resorts Travel

    Belize City, Belize

    Right when I got to Belize city and stepped out of the airport, something reminded me of the Dominican Republic. Not sure why I had that feeling, but I guess humidity is one! And…