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Los Angeles, California

This trip was just another crazy last minute decision of mine, very similar to my Boston trip!

BlogHer16 was 2 days away before I booked my flight ticket to Los Angeles (along with my Conference ticket as well!)


You might be thinking that since I got my flight ticket taken care of, I’m gonna need a couple of other things and I’ll be good to go. You know, like food, a roof over my head and a way to get around within the city! no biggie.

Next stop.. Minneapolis! ✈️

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Yeah, well!! I didn’t even think about those things until I landed at LAX International Airport! (I’m such a mess, I know!) But I just left it all to luck and adventure.

Internally: All I was really thinking about was.. “I’m freaking going to LA!” and if someone took a picture of me for the gram, the hashtag would be #ExcitementOverload!

Externally: I was just chilling at the airport, head in my laptop- trying to complete my HBX homework and exams before the due date! more like 2 hours before it’s due!

Anyways, thinking about what I was going to do was the last thing on my mind. Although, I realllly wanted to go surfing (it’s a California thing, but not sure if it’s an LA one!)

My mind was fully occupied and I wanted to explore LA to it’s fullest, unfortunately with no plan.. or a place to stay at, nor a car to get me places! (City girl got no driving license lol)

So as you can see. . This is gonna get interesting!


I landed in LAX and automatically searched for a Starbucks to sit in and get me, my caffeine of the day.


My phone was outta charge with full memory (you can imagine how slow it was from all those selfies and pre-airport pics!) Once it reached 16% charge, I instantly downloaded Uber, Airbnb and for a little bit extra, I downloaded Lyft!

One thing for sure I forgot to do was to download Headout, to know exactly where the heck I should go to, being plan-less and everything!


I ordered an uber to a hostel I found online that accepts last minute requests since all the hotels were jacked up AF! I booked it for two days, till I figure out what to do for the rest of the 10 days I’ll be staying in Los Angeles.

I never stayed in a hostel before, but it was on my list of “Things to do in my twenties!” And guess what, it should be on yours too!

My uber ride was 45 minutes long to downtown LA, and Yes my driver loves to talk just like any other cab driver.. but the good thing about that was that I noted down a couple of non-touristic places to go to while in LA.

I got to my hostel at 1 in the Am! My hostel guy already knew that I’ll get there around that time, I opened the door and it was pitch black with so many bunk beds so close to the door (the door wasn’t locked!)

As you can imagine, I had the WTF facial expressions on and stepped back closing the door slowly. I called the guy that owns it and he immediately hangs up on the line before answering it, and I got an angry text from him saying “it’s freaking late, I told you to text me only! What do you want?”

(WTF facial expressions on again!) I replied back to him with;

“I already told you that I’ll come in late and No, you never told me to text you only!!”

He replied: “who’s this?” And I said: “Mmm. Salwa!”

And he texted me back with: “Oh sorry, I thought you were someone else, come through the door, lock it after you and take off your shoes, the first bottom bed to the left is yours! Good night”

My thoughts were: “I better not get raped or kidnapped, where’s my mini pocket knife at?” While I slowly enter and take off my shoes, doing a 360-degree look-out rotation with every step I took!

Of course, I was sent to someone else’s bed! But thanks god he/she weren’t there yet.. and had to switch to another one from the probably 16 beds that were placed in a studio like an apartment with a DIY kind of half-second floor with metal staircase to carry the majority of those bunk beds. (Don’t get me talking about the failed promised breakfast and the dirty towels)

But oh well. That guy wanted to make business!! for 37 dollars a night in downtown LA, what more should I expect!



Anyways, I ended up meeting so many people from that hostel (where we all connected on the bads of this hostel) but we also agreed to, how of a wonderful experience it was that got us to meet each other and connect in such way.

My LA-trip best friend was met in that hostel, she too was a blogger herself from Virginia; representing a fitness blog she works with. (Totally forgot what it’s called!)

Can we please call every night a Salsa dancing night! 💃🏻💃🏻

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We ended up going to the conference together; having lunch, meeting between sessions and even hanging out together after the conference.

We went to VIP parties together (you know.. because we’re so cool! 😎)


We slide down the tallest building in LA @ the US Bank Tower (SkySpace)

On top of the world.. Or at least Los Angeles! 😁

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Going back to the BlogHer16 Conference (Yeah it’s the one that Kim K was at and the whole world freaked over it!!)


You can explore Downtown LA with Headout as well, they have The Ultimate Downtown LA Tour

“Learn everything there is to know about Downtown LA with a private tour. Kick things off at the birthplace of the city, Olvera Street. Hit up the breathtaking Downtown Skyline, LA Live, The Convention Center, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Nokia Theatre, Club Nokia, Staples Center, The Grammy Museum, The Los Angeles Times Building, The Grand Central Market, The Financial District, Los Angeles City Hall, and much more. Move at your own pace – as this tour is all about you and what you want to experience. By the end of the day, you’ll be a city expert!”

East coast or West coast.. It's just never enough coffee! #blogher16

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When someone decided to draw on my coffee cup!! (Sup.!)




Go check out the #BlogHer16 post here and read/see how I got a chance to connect with so many brands and influencers! And of course.. had the best time ever (with all the free and cool stuff I got/did!)

Now back to the beautiful LA. Shall we?!

It’s totally normal to spend the whole night dancing salsa with hundred other people!

and make best friends in seconds.. or maybe it’s just me!

Did I meet any celebrities?! Hell yeah, I did.. Mee! Lol

I did not just meet some.. I also got an exclusive day with them!! (ate lunch, talked about life, sang together and even took selfies.. lot of selfies!! lol)

los_angeles_la_california_salwa_kisswani_travel_blogger_unnamed-3-2 los_angeles_la_california_salwa_kisswani_travel_blogger_unnamed-4 los_angeles_la_california_salwa_kisswani_travel_blogger_unnamed-11 los_angeles_la_california_salwa_kisswani_travel_blogger_unnamed-13 los_angeles_la_california_salwa_kisswani_travel_blogger_unnamed-14 los_angeles_la_california_salwa_kisswani_travel_blogger_unnamed-16 los_angeles_la_california_salwa_kisswani_travel_blogger_unnamed-17 los_angeles_la_california_salwa_kisswani_travel_blogger_unnamed-18


Oh, and that’s when Adele stole my phone!!


I took it by force.. she didn’t really want to give it back!! unfortunately!

los_angeles_la_california_salwa_kisswani_travel_blogger_img_2707 los_angeles_la_california_salwa_kisswani_travel_blogger_img_2708

Enough with all those celebs… I got tons of pics, I’ll share them later! 😛

Thy famous boulevard!


When I visited Paramount Pictures!

It’s all about that studio life!


Remember when I told you about Headout? how I should’ve downloaded it with my list.. now it’s your time (don’t forget like me!) They have a Warner Brothers Studio Tour
“Go behind the scenes on this tour of one of Hollywood’s most iconic landmarks. Work the lights and sound, pick up a few props from your favorite movies and sitcoms, and perhaps even stumble upon a live shooting! From back-lot streets and iconic sets, you get to be a part of it all. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Archive features two floors of costumes, props, and other memorabilia. This nostalgic experience will have you yearning to re-watch your most beloved films and shows.”

But I guess I stayed on the bus for a really long time touring around LA, I probably reached china!! (Haha it china town, don’t worry!)

And Hollywood is so famous.. that you can hike up any Hollywood sign (because there’s so many copy-cats!)


Uhh all those palm trees 😀

Let’s see more Hollywood!

(I hope I wasn’t the reason behind them breaking up!! lol)

Filmmakers like me will admire this so much 😀

More like 15 blocks where tourists would sit on the dirty floor and stop traffic to take pictures with a bunch of names!

But with all that I didn’t forget to eat at the famous In-N-Out Burger!!


And after the party (BlogHer) Downtown LA went quite on a Sunday morning..


I guess that’s when you go on The Temecula Limo Wine Tour for the “Wine tasting and a luxurious limo ride – doesn’t get much better than that! Drive through beautiful, winding valleys and catch breathtaking views of panoramic green hills and sloping vineyards. Taste top-notch wines and learn all about the art of winemaking. Enjoy lunch on a gorgeous estate with a lush, green vineyard as your backdrop.”



I guess that’s it for my first LA adventure.. Definitely not my last

Therefore, We celebrated.. at the Conga room 😀

Conga Room's red carpet!💃🏻

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Till next time LA, Keep the love strong <3



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  • Reply Hide In My Suitcase October 3, 2016 at 2:01 am

    I love Adele’s expression when you grab the mic! 😀

  • Reply Alina Popescu October 3, 2016 at 4:55 am

    This sounds like quite the adventure! Whenever i went on a no-plan trip, it was usually to a familiar place, where I knew what I could do once there. But yeah, booking last minute sounds like a pain in a big city while events are happening. Glad you ended up enjoying it anyway!

  • Reply Jo October 3, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    Well thats what I say – the best trips are ones which are unplanned. More adventure, luck and safe/fun travels to you hun. The pics speak for themselves.

  • Reply runawaybrit October 3, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    You looked like you had so much fun here, I love all the pictures with Adele and the other celebs 😀 You did some really cool things while you were there. I have heard great things about In-N-Out burger – is it as good as people say?

  • Reply Anne October 4, 2016 at 1:36 am

    In N Out Burger is probably the best burger place I’ve visited but I stayed in an hostel in LA many years ago and had a similar experience, never again

  • Reply Jera April 22, 2017 at 12:58 pm

    Thanks guys, I just about lost it looknig for this.

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