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Niagara Falls, New York

Oh, Niagara Falls, New York… Well, Upstate New York… Although I’m from the same state, coming from New York City.. New York State is a whole new world!!
It’s not Central Park or the concrete jungle… it’s lakes, forests, rivers and you can actually hike and camp out!! like real Camping out with smores and fire outside.. on inside in a wooden cabin!

But Niagara Falls is very famous for its waterfalls, Native American heritage, and fresh air!
there are two sides of the story here… lol! I mean two sides of the waterfall.. the US waterfall side and the Canadian Side!! I know, I know.. everyone says that the Canadian side is better.. but from what I saw and witnessed the beauty of my New York state side.. I can’t even imagine the Canadian side.. and only one bridge separates us… but the beauty was magnificent!


When you get to the park, there are options to purchase an activities package that includes an entry to Cave of the Winds, trolly around the islands including the Three Sisters Island, Niagara Falls Observation tower, the Aquarium, Maid of the Mist, and even watch a historic movie about Niagara Falls! And they are not as boring as they sound…

I thought they would be and I was so against this trip.. but it was really cool and I enjoyed it. Especially there weren’t as many tourists as I thought there would be!

And the Outlets’ Malls in Niagara Falls are a must visit as well!! Cheapest prices I’ve ever seen on the best brands..Β and that was something my sisters and mother loved!

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