Shanghai, China

After I struggled so much with my documents (since what happened to my passport) I had to see the Palestinian consulate in Beijing, because I was heading to Shanghai from Beijing via air.

I was like a mad woman running everywhere; from one place to another, asking for help everywhere/from everyone, I feel that can help out.

I went to the embassy from the morning (before the gardener and/or door guard started his day) waited and waited till the ambassador came. They thought I was crazy, they did not believe what happened to me (I don’t believe that all those things happened to me, myself! so I don’t blame them) but before finishing my story; I was invited inside the embassy to relax and have some coffee.

The ambassador comforted me and said it is okay and everything will be fine. (No wonder they had SO many certificates and acknowledgments awards of their efforts to the community and hospitality; hanged all around the embassy) I was able to get all the required documents with me (took new passport pics three blocks away from the embassy) I literally felt like I was home at that embassy and I am so thankful to them and to god; that I met such good people during my journey.

Next day at the airport: I was scared; did not know what will ever happen to me, but I was able to get through airport security with that letter from the embassy smoothly.

We arrived in Shanghai (do not ask about airplane food; it is always bad, but at that point I started to consider it real food)

Shanghai is China’s most cosmopolitan city, we headed to the hotel to rest then later headed to Shanghai World Financial Center. We enjoyed the incredible views from China’s tallest building.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.46.12 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.46.23 PM.png

Do not even remember how many floors this building had, but the elevator was crazy fast and it took forever to get to the top!

A large area of the floor was made of glass; so whatever you do not look down! or you will literally fall on the ground terrified, not being able to get up and continue walking.


Of course, I got lost in this massive building! (you can’t blame me, look at it)

I knew where we were supposed to meet and at what time, but apparently this building had many entrances and exits. What entrance was my tour director talking about? I went to the wrong one, I was looking for everyone and everyone was looking for me, but we eventually met in the bus. (and people were very Angry)



Anyways, we toured around the city of Shanghai with a local guide. We Visited the Jade Buddha Temple, with its incredible sculpted Buddhas brought over from Burma more than 100 years ago.

Click here (it rained like crazy in the middle of summer)

We later walked through Yu Yuan Garden, a cool classical Chinese landscape dating back to the 16th century.


Sorry for the bad quality of this pic (but when I finally got back to the states, my phone with all my pictures crashed into the floor in Istanbul and had only the ones that were lucky enough to get uploaded into the cloud. (Yes, I know!)


We later toke a day trip to the city of Hangzhou.

This glittering cosmopolitan city situated along a tranquil lake has become one of the top spots for China’s elite to settle down outside of Shanghai. There is a distinct contrast between the modern, fancy sports cars zipping around town, and the old-fashioned rowboats gliding through Lilli pads in the lake.


No, not Italy.. it is Shanghai, China!


Hangzhou is also well-known for its tea and has a tea museum to prove it. (OMG)

Bought so many kinds, even the ones I never heard of! and tea mugs that change pictures when it is hot or cold!!


I also got my name in ancient Chinese Calligraphy art. Click here



We later went to an Acrobatics show(OMG)

We saw a traditional Chinese acrobatic show with the group.


Click here for videos of the Acrobatics show (you can also see many pictures and videos in my Instagram account)

This image was in a Starbucks in shanghai (reminded me of how I wished my passport would like this πŸ™ but I guess I can just collect all those stamps even in different passports and cut them out into one journal πŸ˜€ )


And finally! my gorgeous hotel view <3


Last day in Shanghai;

I decided to BUY stuff and explore (by myself) in china; a confusing place to a foreigner who does not speak the language!!


but we have google <3


an awesome bakery that no one knows about πŸ˜€


Got back to the hotel looking fresh and empowered (that I got back in one piece to the hotel and did not get lost)


And our farewell dinner (goodbye shanghai) πŸ™

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 8.13.08 PM.png

Did not leave the country in peace (remember my passport)

I stayed “on hold” in the airport for hours!! I was this close to missing my flight back to New York (I was 6 hours early before my flight departs) until they finally got the OK from both the Chinese and US government to fly.. πŸ™

but hey.. look at the bright side (I made it home; 7 hours before I return to the airport again heading to Russia and Turkey) πŸ˜€


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