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    Tokyo, Japan

    On our way to Tokyo, we stopped in Kamakura, a small town that’s home to the Great Image of Buddha. This is the second largest statue of its kind, topping out at more than…

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    Mount Koya, Japan

    Mount Koya is a sacred mountain to Japanese who practice Buddhism and is a picture perfect Zen landscape- complete with tall Cedar trees shrouded in mist, ancient rock temples, and tall waterfalls. Buddhist monks…

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    Hakone, Japan

    We toke the famous shinkansen bullet train at speeds of up to 180 mph in the morning to Hakone (that thing was Fasstt..) In Hakon, one of Japan’s most popular inland resort cities, we…

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    Arashiyama, Japan

    We went hiking and discovering more of the beautiful Kyoto. Arshiyama Bamboo Grove was beyond beautiful, it is something you can never see back home. You kinda lose sight in which country you are…

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    Kyoto, Japan

    From Mount Koya, we made our way down to Kyoto. Kyoto is sort of the cultural center of Japan, brimming with Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, and World Heritage sites. In Kyoto we stayed in…

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    Osaka, Japan

    Osaka is famous for its friendly locals and hearty traditional cuisine. I was amazed how nice people were, especially during customs. I, as you will notice during my travel seem to be a little…